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Next-Gen Fleet Vehicles & Planning
We make electrifying your fleet easy, with full planning, support and "turnkey" vehicle upfitting. Zero emissions, Zero compromises
Tesla Fleet Vehicles
We design, engineer and manufacture turnkey Tesla fleet vehicles, delivered to you
UP.FIT Patrol - Tesla Patrol Vehicle
UP.FIT Patrol
Developed and engineered from the ground up, with feedback from hundreds of agencies; the UP.FIT Patrol vehicle, is purpose built to be the best black & white available. It just happens to be safer, faster and zero emissions.
UP.FIT Admin - Tesla Admin Vehicle
UP.FIT Admin
Take executive law enforcement transport, or investigations to the next level. The UP.FIT Admin vehicle isn't just effective, it's cheaper to run, looks great, and stealthier than any other option on the market.
UP.FIT Tactical - Tesla Tactical & Specialty Vehicle
UP.FIT Tactical & Specialty
The UP.FIT Tactical and speciality vehicle. From K9, or Watch Commander, to SWAT or Military use. These are the highest echelon of Law Enforcement vehicles we have to offer.
Driving Law Enforcement Forward:
Tesla's Impact on Safety, Savings, and Sustainability
01. Why Tesla?
  • Tesla offers deployable software updates, and accelerated R&D deployment
  • Tesla is the undisputed leader in high-volume, reliable EV production
  • Tesla vehicles are ready for upfit now, whereas competing brand’s vehicles often have delivery delays between 10-24 months
  • Lowest maintenance costs compared to all competing Public Safety or Fleet Vehicles, by nearly 75%
  • Tesla Model Y holds the title for safest car in the US, Europe and Australia
  • Tesla has the largest supercharging network in the world
02. Why EV?
  • No fuel used for idling. A 2018 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Police car will burn 60% of its gasoline, or 1633 gallons on average, just on idling 1 vehicle. An EV which can maintain climate control and communication operations without any idling costs, creating significant taxpayer savings
  • No greenhouse gases emissions in your community. Based on an average 2839 gallons burned per vehicle, per year in a traditional Police Vehicle, converting just one Police Vehicle to EV would reduce pollution by more than 55,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year reducing respiratory and other health issues
  • Aligning city, fleet and public safety vehicles to incorporate all the same tools and advantages as the general public’s quick and wide adoption of EVs
03. Why Unplugged Performance?
  • 10 years of Tesla expertise
  • One-stop solution for all hardware and software UPfitting needs including electrical, safety, lighting, charging, and technology
  • We engineer products and services solely and specifically for Teslas, and for public safety
  • All products are put through the harshest testing conditions including extreme high temperatures and extreme high elevation
  • We have extensive government and business-to-business experience ensuring a seamless EV fleet adoption and roll-out
  • Provided Fleet Management tools include GPS tracking, fleet operations guidance, strategic maintenance planning and user and behind-the-wheel training programs
04. Why now?
  • Tesla vehicles are available and ready for immediate UPfit
  • Incentives and grants are available for most departments or businesses looking to adopt and futureproof early
  • The opportunity to confidently move into a better future with EVs is imminent
  • Be at the forefront and install your infrastructure early
  • Enhance your recruiting efforts by adopting a fleet of EVs, a platform the next generation of law enforcement is excited to drive
  • Increase positive community engagement, policing, and interaction by saving taxpayers money and showing leading evolution in your locale
05. What about the warranty?

Tesla vehicles come with a comprehensive warranty, with maintenance and warranty repair options ranging from mobile service, local service centers, and even training for departments that want to handle their own maintenance ( even to get staff Tesla Certified! )


More details on Tesla Warranty: https://www.tesla.com/support/vehicle-warranty


Tesla Service Training ( for your maintenance staff ): https://service.tesla.com/docs/Public/training/

Average Savings per Vehicle annually
Fast Delivery
Fastest order to vehicle delivery time of any Police Vehicle.
Safest Police Vehicle Available Globally
Full Service
Infrastructure planning, service support, & FTO / EVOC Training
UP.FIT patrol vehicle cost comparison
Lowering the costs of policing
Specification UPFIT Tesla Model Y Patrol vehicle Ford Police interceptor utility - Hybrid
Vehicle + Upfitting Cost $90,000 $96,000
Vehicle Availability Ready to upfit now 10-24 Month Delay
OEM Range (EPA) 310 miles 344 miles
MPH 0-60 3.5 - 4.8 seconds 5.6 seconds
5 Year cost savings $27,012 $0
Fleetwide vehicle updates Yes No
Remote Vehicle Camera Monitoring, lockout, access. ( + Future functionality with App ) Yes No
Sustainability Score
#1 Most American-Made Car Yes No
Roll over rating 5.0 4.0
Fleet Planning, Management & Training
We don’t just engineer and assemble the best Police Car on earth, we also help agencies far and wide get ready for the next generation fleet. From EV-Charging infrastructure planning to maintenance, field officer and behind the wheel / EVOC training; we’re here to help with every aspect of the fleet.
Project Support
We’ll help with financial planning, incentive education, and of course deep-dive with a board or council if needed to ensure the dollars make sense to anyone new to the idea of next-gen police vehicles.
Infrastructure Planning
Working with our extensive network, including Tesla Energy, we will assist to establish charging so your new fleet are ready for deployment.
Fleet Management
Monitor your fleet, with our proprietary software, and engage with technicians to ensure your new fleet is operating at it’s peak. We’ll even help you get certified.
Any successful mission, starts with great training. To ensure your success, we’ll partner with your best front line FTO’s or EVOC instructors for a full breakdown of how to maximize your new fleet.
Fleet Planning Chart
Tesla Supercharger Closeup
UP.FIT In The Media
Leading the charge, UP.FIT is proving to be the industry standard for EV Police Vehicles.
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