Dollars and Sense

How does an UP.FIT Police vehicle compare?
Compare the UP.FIT Patrol vehicles to the competition.
Vehicle Availability
Total 5 year Average Cost
Vehicle + Upfitting
MPH 0-60
OEM Range (EPA)
Energy Efficiency
#1 Most American-made car
Roll over rating
Driving Dynamics, Handling Score
Remote Vehicle Camera Monitoring, lockout, access. ( + Future functionality with App )
Fleet Planning, Maintenance & Training Support
All data used in this comparison was gathered on publicly available websites, or other data sources that are accessible to the general public. Vehicles, ratings, are subject to change at anytime without warning, and this comparison tool should only be utilized to give you a general idea of the extensive benefits of upgrading your fleet to UP.FIT vehicles. To get the most up-to-date information, please contact us.
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