Who, What and Where is UP.FIT?

About us
American engineered, for American Hero’s.
Our Mission
Accelerating deployment of the next generation police and fleet vehicles. Streamlining fleet planning, maintenance, and ev-adoption, by simplifying the entire process, from order, to delivery, and beyond.
Our Vision
We work hard to make the process of fleet electrification simple. Most who handle fleet in law enforcement already have their hands full - we strive to fill in the gaps and make it easier.
Our Team
With over 100 years of combined Tesla experience, and extensive offroad, tactical and police background - we have compiled a truly specialized team of experts.
Life at UP.FIT
Our diverse team, comes from law enforcement, Tesla, Porsche, Apple, and a number of different other agencies and companies. We always strive to find the best talent, to continue our American engineered next-gen fleet!
Why Us?
We’re here to help you, since you’re always helping others.
This is personal to us.
We care deeply about law-enforcement, and public safety, but also the future we all share. Engineering the safest, cleanest cars ever means a better tomorrow for all of us.
We know Tesla.
With more experience than anyone on earth, working with Tesla enhancement, ecosystem, and planning - you’re in the best hands possible. ( We’re certified too )
What’s a plan without help?
Knowing how hard it can be to jump into something new, we said we have to do this different, and offer planning and training support. Making adoption dramatically easier.
We love to win.
With a background in engineering for impossible races, incredible odds, and high-standards, we know what it’s like to have to work hard towards a goal. We love winning, so we never stop pioneering, or pushing to make the best products on earth.
How did it all begin?
From racing to policing.
About us

UP.FIT, an Unplugged Performance Company, developed over time as a need started to present itself for a viable and future-proof solution for the law enforcement and fleet industries as a whole. Our parent company, Unplugged Performance, has been enhancing, and racing Tesla vehicles since 2013. With the Unplugged Performance headquarters, on the SpaceX campus, and next to the Tesla Design Studio, we have always been known to be the industry expert in taking Tesla vehicles to the max.

Our name, came easily - we knew we wanted to do what the police industry knows as “outfitting”, but since you can interchange that term with “UP.FIT”, the name was obvious, and easy. Don’t just “outfit” your fleet, UP.FIT your fleet!”. UP Being our signature badge and recognized globally, it was a perfect fit.

The real story for UP.FIT started in 2020, when the city of South Pasadena, California, visited our offices in Hawthorne, and asked us if we’d take on yet another monumental challenge. Knowing our history, with racing Tesla vehicles, and engineering next-level solutions, they said we were the best if anyone to take on this project. Being that South Pasadena, would be the worlds first police department to convert 100% of it’s fleet to electric, we knew we had to help them reach this historic milestone.

Today, we engineer high-level police and fleet vehicle components, manufacture turnkey fleet and police vehicles, and offer extensive fleet planning, maintenance and even financial and approval consulting services. We work closely with the industry leaders, and continue to pioneer to ensure we work to a brighter, cleaner future - and protect the men and women in blue along the way!

We’d love to hear about your Tesla upfitting needs
Please contact us for more information or a direct quote to upfit your Tesla fleet, get up-to-date information from the upfitting experts with over 10 years of experience in modifying Teslas.

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