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Why Tesla?
  • Tesla offers deployable software updates, and accelerated R&D deployment
  • Tesla is the undisputed leader in high-volume, reliable EV production
  • Tesla vehicles are ready for upfit now, whereas competing brand’s vehicles often have delivery delays between 10-24 months
  • Lowest maintenance costs compared to all competing Public Safety or Fleet Vehicles, by nearly 75%
  • Tesla Model Y holds the title for safest car in the US, Europe and Australia
  • Tesla has the largest supercharging network in the world
Why EV?
  • No fuel used for idling. A 2018 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Police car will burn 60% of its gasoline, or 1633 gallons on average, just on idling 1 vehicle. An EV which can maintain climate control and communication operations without any idling costs, creating significant taxpayer savings
  • No greenhouse gases emissions in your community. Based on an average 2839 gallons burned per vehicle, per year in a traditional Police Vehicle, converting just one Police Vehicle to EV would reduce pollution by more than 55,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year reducing respiratory and other health issues
  • Aligning city, fleet and public safety vehicles to incorporate all the same tools and advantages as the general public’s quick and wide adoption of EVs
Why Unplugged Performance?
  • 10 years of Tesla expertise
  • One-stop solution for all hardware and software UPfitting needs including electrical, safety, lighting, charging, and technology
  • We engineer products and services solely and specifically for Teslas, and for public safety
  • All products are put through the harshest testing conditions including extreme high temperatures and extreme high elevation
  • We have extensive government and business-to-business experience ensuring a seamless EV fleet adoption and roll-out
  • Provided Fleet Management tools include GPS tracking, fleet operations guidance, strategic maintenance planning and user and behind-the-wheel training programs
Why now?
  • Tesla vehicles are available and ready for immediate UPfit
  • Incentives and grants are available for most departments or businesses looking to adopt and futureproof early
  • The opportunity to confidently move into a better future with EVs is imminent
  • Be at the forefront and install your infrastructure early
  • Enhance your recruiting efforts by adopting a fleet of EVs, a platform the next generation of law enforcement is excited to drive
  • Increase positive community engagement, policing, and interaction by saving taxpayers money and showing leading evolution in your locale
What about the vehicle safety?

IIHS Top Safety Pick +, 5 Star all around, with the lowest likelihood of injury, and literally almost impossible to rollover, this is the safest Vehicle in the world, available for public safety use. (More data here: https://www.tesla.com/safety)

What about the warranty?

Tesla vehicles come with a comprehensive warranty, with maintenance and warranty repair options ranging from mobile service, local service centers, and even training for departments that want to handle their own maintenance ( even to get staff Tesla Certified! )


More details on Tesla Warranty: https://www.tesla.com/support/vehicle-warranty


Tesla Service Training ( for your maintenance staff ): https://service.tesla.com/docs/Public/training/

How long can we use it?

An average duty cycle of 12-14 hours is easy for an UP.FIT Patrol Tesla. Our systems, efficiently utilize only what power is needed, to maintain all emergency equipment. When your shift is over, your equipment, is powered down when you don’t need it. Typical draw, for even the most power-hungry high powered radio’s, and other equipment setups, often draw no more than 15% battery draw, per day. In fact, we have several departments running their Tesla patrol vehicles 24 hours a day, charging just once a day, if at all.

Aren’t Tesla’s expensive?

Another Myth – Busted. Most Tesla vehicles, start at under 50k, and a full upfit vehicle is as little as 75k for admin, 90k for patrol. This means not only are you around the same or cheaper cost of a comparative police vehicle, but you also don’t have to deal with all the cost of fuel, oil changes, and other maintenance! Tesla fleet vehicles, on average, save most agencies, 6 figures, over their life.

Don’t Tesla’s catch fire a lot?

This is probably the #1 most common misconception. Tesla vehicles have the lowest probability of injury, or accident, of any vehicle on earth. It’s in the numbers ( https://www.tesla.com/safety) . In fact, you have a higher probability of having a house fire, than a vehicle fire with your Tesla. This one, is another myth, busted.

What’s the range?

Average range is around 270-300 miles, depending on duty cycle, and use. Just like a gasoline or other internal combustion vehicle, your range depends on how hard you drive, and the frequency of your accessory usage. The biggest difference, is you’re not spending all day, idling a tiny power-plant, just to power your equipment. Instead, the efficient operation of Tesla’s battery power systems, along with our proprietary integration, ensure you always have what you need.


Why are you the experts in upfitting Tesla vehicles?

at UP.FIT / Unplugged Performance: we have 10+ years of certified technical experience. Our expansive collaborative approach has cemented our position as the industry leaders for Tesla enhancement and customization components. The parts we develop, for everything for racing at Pikes Peak, to a smoother ride for your family, are validated, and tested extensively. We’ve taken our extensive experience, and technical knowhow of the unique Tesla architecture, and applied the specific needs of police and other fleet customers, to ensure the best product available. We even developed, and built the first all-EV fleet of Police Vehicles, in North America.

We prefer to buy Turnkey, can you do that?

Reach out to us; for most departments, we can make this work, and we’ll even help you with fleet planning, including finance, titling, infrastructure / charging support, and even training.

Are you considered a sole-source contractor?

It depends on how you want to purchase your vehicles. Reach out to us and let us know what your objectives are, and how your operation funcitons. In many cases, we can work with your organization to provide staff reports, justification letters, or other avenues to ensure your approval process is simplified.

Are these cars “Pursuit Rated?”

This is a clever term, that seems to be thrown around a lot by marketing teams. We have proven the success of this and our racing platforms, with extensive testing on the track, and with multiple departments, in real world 110+ Mph, sustained speed pursuits. We also, do regular EVOC training, test-days, and we are happy to work with your department to ensure whatever testing you need, is available.

What if I lose power? How do I charge?

Much like gas-pumps, electricity is needed for both forms of energy to flow. The difference, is most Tesla and other charging stations, have solar, and battery backup – so in most instances, a charging station will have energy, while a gas station won’t. ( We can help you with charging too. )

What incentives are there for Government or Fleet?

Reach out and we can help guide you, since each department and region is different. We want to learn more, and help ensure you get the biggest bang for buck possible for your fleet.

Why don’t you do modify, or upgrade things that seem obvious for police use?

Our #1 goal, is safety, then reliability. We work extensively, within the scope of our Certification from Tesla, to maintain the homologation standard set by Tesla engineers. This means, we won’t touch anything that might hinder the primary viability of the powertrain warranty. Some outfitters, will tap into, or splice anything that seems easy, for us – it’s simple, we will always do it the right way, even if it’s harder.

What about site-visits?

We often welcome our amazing collaborative partners and incredible customers from across the globe to visit us at our Design Headquarters in Hawthorne, CA – right next to the Tesla Design Studio and SpaceX HQ. We often travel the globe in search of the best solutions for our customers, so who knows, a next-gen police vehicle, might be in a town near you soon!

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s some great data from others:


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