Fleet Planning, Management & Training

Let us help with the details, from infrastructure to delivery.
Fleet made easy
Whether you’re a full time fleet manager, or a full time sworn-employee, that picked up a new project, we’re here to ensure you have full support in each area of your deployment.
Viability Study
We help you determine the viability of a new program, deploying an EV fleet for your organization. This includes data, finances, and use case.
Data matters
Without data, it’s hard to ensure your deployment strategy is successful. We bring the facts, with staff reports, drive-data, etc.
What’s different?
Deploying a new EV fleet is an amazing step to saving money, and hassle. Establishing what is needed for your organization is a part of what we help with.
Site & Vehicle study
To plan for next steps, we do a fleet and site study, either with our team, or our trusted partners to get a solid plan in place.
Overcoming hurdles
Any great idea or project, requires any objections, hurdles or real-world objections to be overcome. We never give up, and are here to help you get it done.
Fleet Planning, Management & Training
We don’t just engineer and assemble the best Police Car on earth, we also help agencies far and wide get ready for the next generation fleet. From EV-Charging infrastructure planning to maintenance, field officer and behind the wheel / EVOC training; we’re here to help with every aspect of the fleet.
Project Planning
We’ll help with financial planning, incentive education, and of course deep-dive with a board or council if needed to ensure the dollars make sense to anyone new to the idea of next-gen police vehicles.
Infrastructure Planning
Working with our extensive network, including Tesla Energy, we will assist to establish charging so your new fleet are ready for deployment.
Fleet Management
Monitor your fleet, with our proprietary software, and engage with technicians to ensure your new fleet is operating at it’s peak. We’ll even help you get certified.
Any successful mission, starts with great training. To ensure your success, we’ll partner with your best front line FTO’s or EVOC instructors for a full breakdown of how to maximize your new fleet.
Tesla Fleet Planning
Tesla Charging
Infrastructure Planning
Getting power is easy, let’s get it done
01. Power for the people
  • We will partner with your city works or utility to plan out your charging
  • Take-home, partial, or 24/7 use; we can help you plan a use schedule
  • Incentive support available
02. SOC “State of charge”
  • We’ll go over any charging basics you don’t already know
  • Discuss common myths, challenges, and how to succeed
03. Get in the rhythm
  • Still need help, Tesla, and our team are here for you.
  • Once your organization gets the hang of it – it’s 2nd nature
We’ll help with Driver, EVOC, and Maintenance training
01. Driver & Evoc Training
  • Our team of Tesla experts, can help your FTO’s or trainers, get the detailed knowledge, so they can train the organization staff
  • With extensive track-experience, we’re developing a top-notch driver training, using POST standards
  • We host 10+ Tesla Specific Track days per year, around the globe
02. Maitenance & Repair Training
  • Whether we’re handling maintenance or your team is – we can help you get the knowledge
  • As the experts in Tesla enhancement and Upfitting, we’re your trusted source
  • Certification Available
03. Fleet Management Tech
  • Using our suite of software and hardware, we can train your team how to mange your new fleet remotely
  • Follow SOC, alerts, and live maps to see where your vehicles are
Fleet Management
Next-gen fleet, next-gen operations
01. Live Telematics & State of Charge Levels
  • Our systems allow you to monitor SOC and telematics anywhere on earth
  • From smart license plates, to GPS, let us know how much data is right for you
02. Dispatch Awareness
  • Optional packages, allow dispatch or Watch Commanders to utilize assets according to GPS location
  • See who’s Code 3, responding, who else can respond, in seconds
03. Reports to prove you made the right call
  • Reports are available with Kw/h, (efficiency), time utilized, etc
  • Estimate your annual savings in fuel
  • Calculate maintenance savings ( taxpayers will probably ask for this anyway )
Project Planning
Deploying a next-gen fleet requires next-gen support ( That’s us )
01. Project Requirements: How can you win with an EV Fleet?
  • Full organizational assessment for EV Deployment incl. cost & time savings
  • Planning and support for legislative, commission or board approval
  • Fleet mix and deployment strategy and coordination
  • Back it up with data; we’ll share wins from other organizations
02. Let’s find the challenges for deployment, and solve them!
  • Charging, duty-cycle and SOP creation assistance
  • Department Specific use case resolution ( customization, or Config clarification )
  • Financial planning, logistics and strategic proactive planning support!
03. Prepare for next steps
  • Official Request for Quote or Proposal Preperation
  • Understand any outstanding variables, including what is need for vehicle production by UP.FIT
  • Plan schedule for update on production status, and plan for delivery!
We’d love to hear about your Tesla upfitting needs
Please contact us for more information or a direct quote to upfit your Tesla fleet, get up-to-date information from the upfitting experts with over 10 years of experience in modifying Teslas.

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